Jerry Seinfeld


Jerry Seinfeld
Jerome "Jerry" Seinfeld (29 April 1954 in Brooklyn, New York -) is a comedian, actor and American author.

In May 1981 he made a sketch noticed the Tonight Show Johnny Carson. It is through this sketch that his career took off.

In 1989, the situation comedy The Seinfeld Chronicles takes the antenna on the NBC network. Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David are co-creators of the show. Jerry plays the lead role. Despite the inexperience of the two authors, one of the leaders of NBC is seduced by the audacity of the concept of the program and uses its discretionary budget to order four episodes the two authors. The show is renowned and called Seinfeld. The comedy will become one of the biggest television successes of USA. Despite offers mirobolantes NBC, which offered a contract of 110 million dollars to the actor (5 million per episode, the absolute record offers the largest made by an actor in television series) for turning a tenth season , Jerry decides to end the series in 1998, adding that he could never spend such a sum. 180 episodes were presented.

Since the end of the show, Jerry's career is mainly to give performances. On November 2, 2007, (December 12, 2007 in France) is out "Bee Movie", film studio Dreamworks, in which Jerry Seinfeld plays the role of Barry B. Benson, a young bee who decides to bring a lawsuit to humans for stealing honey.

*It shows us how, with detergents present, we can remove bloodstains. But it is likely that a t-shirt covered with blood, our primary concern is not to remove the stain but to find a place to hide the body.
* It is surprising that the number of events that occur every day around the world meet exactly a newspaper.
* Why is it that the lemon syrup is made with chemicals while the liquid to wash the dishes is based on true lemon?

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Obelix is the companion of the Asterix comic book Asterix the Gaul Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo.

Origin of name

His name may have two sources:

* Obelisk (nm column formed a single block of stone carved in the shape of a pyramid very slender);
* Obel, obèle or obelisk (nm, a sign identifying an interpolation, a passage doubtful, in a manuscript former), because we must not forget that Goscinny knew the world of printing, given that his family owned a And that it joined the other end of typography his accomplice: asterisk / Asterix.

Build of Obelix
The large body of Obelix been a denial, but said it was "just a little wrapped" or is "not maigrichon is all" or "low pectoris. " This denial is a clear humorous recurring albums in the series, Obelix not stopping s'énerver or eschew whenever the wholesale deals. Some examples:

* In Asterix legionnaire, Asterix and Obelix, engaged in the Roman legion under the command of Caesar, attacked alone a military camp enemy of Scipio, a legionnaire panic cries "But this is the bulk of troops from Caesar? "And Obelix, while a cohort défonçant Roman responds red with anger:" No Môssieur!". Later, he criera the same thing when the legionnaire, terraced by beatings, soupirera: "So this was not the bulk of tr ... ? "Without finishing his sentence. In the same episode, when the new legionnaires must take place, the guard said there are three sizes small, medium and large. " With tranquillity, Obelix takes an average size, Asterix told him not to be stupid, Obelix rétorquant, while blowing his chest, "What, What is my size" ...

* In The Son Asterix, during a dispute, Asterix alleges, inter alia, Obelix its corpulence. Later, once reconciled, Obelix Asterix asks him if he does not want, and Asterix avoids the odd bit: "But no major b. .. Major beta!"

* In Asterix and the Magic Carpet, Obelix is dealing with "big pachyderm" by the fakir Kihça angry after having failed to capsize the flying carpet on which they travelled. Further, India, Obelix sees for the first time a real elephant and said, interviewer: "I really do not see the relationship with me?!".

* In La Rose and the sword, Obelix that bears his eternal garment vertically striped white and blue, mocking the new mistress of school wearing braies (trousers) with horizontal stripes, saying "everybody knows that it is in the sense that vertical stripes thin!"

Obesity of Obelix was not alone:

* He loves to eat wild boar, and rarely eat one meal in each village.

* In Asterix in Brittany, Asterix and Obelix fall into a tavern and Asterix Orders Two cervoises: Obelix then shouted: "For me too!".

* In Asterix and Cleopatra, when asked to Obelix three shares to cut a cake, cut it in two and when he is accused, he replied that he has cut three in taking the rest of the cake.

* In Asterix legionnaire, Panoramix concerned by the apathy of a Obelix who does not finish his meal Asterix asks if he ate something before, the latter replied: "Two Sangliers" and Panoramix of mumbling, ' air anxious: "So he did not eat."

* In The Twelve Tasks of Asterix, he triumphed easily from one event to enjoy a great feast (wild boar, elephant ...) who leaves his hunger: "The cook has dropped just after the off-d 'work!"

* In The Shield arverne in a hostel, Asterix Orders Two wild boar in wine, then Obelix cries for me too!

Obelix and the magic potion
As explained in the album How Obelix Fell into the Magic Potion When he was a Little Boy, Asterix had been discreetly introduced Obelix in the hut Panoramix and had ingested a whole pot of potion, as others laughed at him. Since then, the effects are permanent home. Panoramix still refuses to give the potion to Obelix because the results would be dangerous, given qu'Obélix is still under the influence of the potion. Instead of explaining clearly, Druid said simply that usual because it is "fell into the pot when he was small." There are exceptions, however:

* In the album Asterix and Cleopatra, he is a prisoner with Asterix and Panoramix in a pyramid. To help force a wall, Panoramix authorizes him to drink three drops of potion. Its strength is then further increased tenfold for a few seconds, enabling him to break the wall with ease;
* In the album La Galère of Obelix, angered by a new refusal by the druid usual about the potion while the other villagers started the fight, Obelix swallowed whole pot reserve potion kept in the house of Panoramix. However, he did not know the harm that would fall on him: on their return, the Gauls discovered Obelix transformed into granite. After several attempts to bring to life a favorite potions and other Obelix turns into a child after being approached Dogmatix.

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