Manuel Uribe


Manuel Uribe
The fattest man in the world from Mexico, Manuel Uribe revealed his plan to marry this month, after him was successful eliminated almost half of his weight.

"This will become the big marriage, but with the low guest plate calorie," said the man was 43 years old that was recorded as the man was fattest according to Guinness Book of Records in 2007.

Uribe that could not leave the bed because of fat him, admitted to being successful lowered 230 kilogram the weight from the weight 590 kilogram beforehand.

He will marry a widow named Claudia that has become his fiance for two years. The marriage will be carried out on October 26 in his house in Monterrey, Mexico north.

The friendly man revealed his marriage plan after meeting the sponsor from the international magazine, the television station, and the local resident that will contribute the cake for 400 guests.

Uribe will also invite the Mexican band to be named "Pesado" or "heavy" to entertain his guest. He also was grateful to the Lord for the "miracle" that was given to himself that almost the suicide, but afterwards got his love.

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The Trap

The Trap
Taiwanese police used the SMS to trap and keep a rapist, a newspaper reported on Monday.

Hua Yeh-Hao, 24 years, followed a woman was 20 years old to his apartment during heavy rain on Sunday at dawn and raped him by carrying the knife, China Times reported.

Hua, that beforehand was recorded had robbed and carried out sexual insulting, escaped from the place of the incident by bringing casualties's cellular phone.

Casualties reported to police, but the security camera of the building did not record clearly the rapist, so the investigator's police the Route of Chin-chung used his property cellular phone personally to send the SMS to the MOBILE PHONE belonging to casualties, with hoped could trap the rapist in order to come again to the place of casualties.

The Lin message: "you were the type that was liked by me. If you promised could have an attitude softer, we could meet again."

Hua replied to this SMS and casualties answered as well as conversed for 10 minutes with him in order to not feel suspicious.

Casualties proposed himself really enjoyed the "experience" this morning and wanted to meet Hua in a motel, but Hua must return his cellular phone beforehand. Hua was kept when emerging on Sunday afternoon in the place that was promised in a Taipei region to meet casualties.