The Indonesian comedian: Bing Slamet


The Indonesian comedian: Bing Slamet
Bing Slamet (was born: Cilegon, West Java, on September 27 1927; died: Jakarta, on September 17 1974) was one of the Indonesian joke maestros in his period with the Jaya quartet, the group that consisted of Bing Slamet, Ateng, Iskak and Eddy Sud. His name in fact the first time flying when gathering with the group of music of Eka Sapta that was begun during 1963, with several famous names like Yamin Wijaya, Ireng Maulana, Itje Kumaunang, Benny Mustafa and Idris Sardi. Moreover he also often playing in comedy films in the era in the 1960 's and in the 1970 's.

To recall him Titiek Puspa created the song that was entitled Bing.

Bing married Ratna Ko- Mala Furi and was blessed with eight children that is:
* Lukman Syah
* Hilman Shah, the father from Ayudhia Bing Slamet
* Firman Syah
* Iman Syah
* Ratna Lusiana atau Uci Bing Slamet
* Iwan Syah
* Ferdinand Syah atau Adi Bing Slamet
* Ratna Fairuz atau Iyut Bing Slamet

The solo album
* Menanti Kasih (Lokananta)
* Nurlaila (Irama Records)
* Puspa Ragam Lagu Indonesia No 49 'Seruan Gembala' (Irama -IRA 65)
* Puspa Ragam Lagu Indonesia No 50 'Aju Kesuma' (Irama -IRA 66)
* Kr Moritsu - Bing Slamet dan Orkes Kerontjong M Sagi (Irama - IRK 125-1)
* Es Lilin/Panon Hideung - Bing Slamet & Melodi Ria (Gembira Records RN 003)
* Varia Malam Eka Sapta Nonstop Revue (Bali Record BLM 7002)
* Kisah Pasar Baru Feat. Pajung Fantasi (Irama Records)
* Eka Sapta - Eka Sapta (Mutiara ML 1001)
* Burung Kutijija - Eka Sapta (Mutiara MEP 007)
* Kasih Remadja - Eka Sapta (Bali Record BER 007)
* Souvenir Pemilu 1971 Feat. Pohon Beringin
* Bing and Giman Bernyanyi - Eka Sapta (Bali Record 008)
* Bing Slamet and Eka Sapta - Eka Sapta (Bali Records BLM 7103)
* Romi and Juli - Titiek Puspa & Bing Slamet (Canary Record TCC 1032)
* Album Kenang-kenangan Bing Slamet - Bali Record BCC01
* Bing Slamet Tersayang - MGM Records

The album together
* MARI BERSUKA RIA with the Lenso Rhythm (the LPI Rhythm 17588) (1965)
* GAJAH DUNGKUL - the Puspa Point, Bing Slamet and Indonesian Tiga. (Bali record BLP 7005)
* Mak Tjomblang - Bing Slamet and Maya Sopha (Bali Record/Remaco)


* Solo di Waktu Malam (Borobudur Film,1952)
* Di Simpang Djalan (Canary Film 1955)
* Melati Sendja (Refic Film,1956)
* Pilihlah Aku (Geliga Film,1956)
* Radja Karet dari Singapura (Olympiad 1956)
* Hari Libur (Anom Pictures,1957)
* Tiga Buronan (Perfini 1957)
* Bing Slamet Tukang Betjak (Golden Arrow,1959) Nurlela, Diwajahmu Kulihat Bulan, Tukang Betjak
* Amor dan Humoir (Perfini 1961),
* Kisah Pelawak (PT Dara Mega Film 1961)
* Bing Slamet Merantau (Panah Mas Film 1962)
* Bunga Putih (PT Agora Film 1966)
* Hantjurnya Petualang (PT Sarinande Film 1966)
* 2 X 24 Jam (PT Bola Dunia Film 1967)
* Juda Saba Desa (Wahju Film 1967)
* Bing Slamet Setan Djalanan (Safari Sinar Sakti Film 1972)
* Ambisi (Safari Sinar Sakti Film 1973)
* Bing Slamet Dukun Palsu (Safari Sinar Sakti Film 1973)
* Bing Slamet Sibuk (Safari Sinar Sakti Film 1973)
* Bing Slamet Koboi Cengeng (Safari Sinar Sakti Film 1974)

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Eddie Murphy


Eddie Murphy
Edward Regan Murphy, born April 3, 1961 is a comedian, actor and producer in the USA.

Eddie Murphy became famous in the USA through his talents as a comedian, discovered in his performance at the show Saturday Night Live and his performances Delirious (1984) and Raw (1987). Thereafter, his fame has reached the world through his roles in The Beverly Hills Cop, Professor Foldingue (Nigaud professor in Quebec), and more recently in Dreamgirls, for which he received an Oscar nomination in 2007 ( best supporting role). The channel Comedy Central ranks the tenth largest U.S. comic of all time.


Eddie Murphy was born in Brooklyn, New York. His mother is called Lilian Murphy and is operator and his father is Charles Murphy, policeman. The young Eddie was 3 years old when the couple divorce, (his father is tragically killed 5 years later by his new companion) and lives with his mother and his brother Charles (now actor and screenwriter) in Brooklyn until the age 10. Her mother remarries then with Vernon Lynch, a former boxer working as a foreman in a factory and ice cream that already have a son named Vernon. The family moved to Roosevelt, Long Island, where Murphy is attending school. His taste for humour is developing very early, and Murphy is already famous at school for his imitations and jokes that were the rage among students but also among teachers. It includes fast as his humour can go a long way and seeks early to occur before an audience. He is convinced of the possibility of making a career in show business and gives himself to show the slightest opportunity.

Early in the stand-up comedy and
He develops his own sketches, based on imitations of stars such as Lionel Richie, Bill Cosby, Al Green and Elvis Presley and occurs for the first time on stage in the youth centre in her neighborhood in July 1976. The comic style of his debut draws much of his idols Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby, famous American comedians which will be considered as the heir.

It executes its numbers in youth centres and bars with small stamps, the money raised will later join the Superior Technical School of Garden City district of New York. His reputation was quickly, and it has the opportunity to occur in the club comic mythical USA, the Comic Strip in New York. The owners of the club are very impressed by his talent and precocity and decide to take his career in hand.

In 1980 (Murphy was just 19 years), after a very short period of higher education, he spends a series of hearings to participate in television comedy program Saturday Night Live. He convinced the producers of the programme of his talent and participates in the 1980-81 season. His appearances are noticed, so it is part of the regular distribution as soon as next season. At the time, Saturday Night Live saw its audiences erode and the production budget was limited. During the 3 years that followed, Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo acolyte participate in most sketches passed to the antenna, and the program quickly regains his audience, giving Murphy a national reputation, thanks to a gallery of characters become cults.

Career actor
Personality rising to the USA through its participation in Saturday Night Live, Murphy was soon to take its first steps in cinema. The director Walter Hill, who is looking for a player that would give the reply by Nick Nolte in his new film, hears Murphy who then gets the role. 48 hours fate in 1982. Nevertheless, its interpretation can not seduced producers of the film, and we need the intervention of producer Jeffrey Katzenberg (co-founder of DreamWorks SKG with Steven Spielberg) so that Murphy was not returned. It receives over comedy, delivered by David Proval (known for his role as Richie Aprile on The Sopranos), during the shooting, to help find the aggressiveness needed for the interpretation of his role as malfrat.

In 1983, Murphy shared the bill with Dan Aykroyd in Trading Places, marking his first collaboration with John Landis (who later carry out a prince in New York and The Flic Beverly Hills 3), which proves to be the second commercial success of his career in so many films and it is indeed 21 years a summons to the Golden Globe Award.

In 1984, it appeared in the film A defence cannon that does not meet his public, but does not affect Murphy, whose involvement in this film is limited to a supporting role. He wished the poster in The Flic Beverly Hills, where he interprets the cop Axel Foley: the film then becomes one of the 10 largest commercial successes of all time the USA, propelling the Eddie Murphy rank of star.

Alongside his acting career, Murphy continued his career as a comedian and develop two shows in 80 years: Delirious (1983) and Raw (1990). His style mixes humorous imitations of stories and tales more or less based on his life and bear the traces of inspirations Eddie Murphy: Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby, he imitates elsewhere in his performances. His most famous sketches found in a series of albums, including Eddie Murphy (the Comic Strip Live) 1982 Comedian and in 1983, which won a Grammy Award for best comedy album. He even music with a series of singles between 1985 and 1993 (See Singles).

In 1986, he takes the leading role in the comedy Golden Child - L'Enfant sanctity of Tibet (The Golden Child) in 1987 and resumed his role as Axel Foley in Flic The Beverly Hills 2. As for The Golden Child, critics are not but praise the film is once again a huge success.

In a prince in New York (Coming to America) (1988), it embodies an African prince who travels to New York to find the ideal woman. In 1989, Murphy made his debut as a director and achieved a dream by working with his idol Richard Pryor in Harlem Nights, in which the action takes place in Harlem 30 years.

From success to failure
The early 90 marks a slowdown in his career, his films make less revenue in the World: Mr Deputy, Boomerang, and A Vampire in Brooklyn do not have the desired success. Even The Flic Beverly Hills 3 will not revive his career, this franchise had previously been very popular.

In 1996 the film sort Professor Foldingue (Nigaud professor), which is a great commercial success. Murphy plays again several different roles, with the help of special effects and makeup. This multiplication of himself in his films becomes a signature, and contributes to its success throughout his career, from a prince in New York in 1988 to Professor Foldingue (Nigaud professor) in 2000.

After Dr. Dolittle, Murphy alternates commercial success (voice in Mulan, The Family Foldingue, Shrek, Metro) and failures (Ecole father, Perpète, Showtime, Spy and a half). Some of these films are failures which écornent Murphy's image, the image of Pluto Nash in 2002, which remains to this day one of the films that generated the most losses in the history of cinema.

Eddie Murphy also multiplies the stakes in projects of films and animation series in the years 2000 with Shrek and the PJ's and Father of the Pride, television series in which he lends his voice.

In 2006, he played the role of James "Thunder" Early in Dreamgirls. This role allows him to win the Golden Globe for best supporting role "and gives him his first appointment to the 2007 Oscars in the category" Best Actor in a Supporting Role."

Personal life
Divorced from his first wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy with whom he had five children after 13 years of living together, Eddie Murphy is currently married to film producer, Tracey Edmonds since 1 January 2008. He also acknowledged on August 4, 2007 paternity of a daughter he had with the former singer of Spice Girl Melanie Brown, known as Angel Iris Murphy Brown, born April 3, 2007.

In 2007, Murphy lends his voice to the character of Donkey in Shrek the third, and keep the poster in the comedy Norbit, in which he plays three different characters. In 2008, it should appear in a science fiction comedy, Meet Dave, and a Shrek 4 has already been announced. In addition, Murphy announced the resumption of its role as Axel Foley in Flic The Beverly Hills 4 whose script is being finalized.


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* 2003: Le Manoir haunted and 999 ghosts (The Haunted Mansion), Rob Minkoff
* 2004: Shrek 2, Andrew Adamson, Kelly Asbury and Conrad Vernon (voice)
* 2004: Father of the Pride, Jeffrey Katzenberg (TV series) (episode Donkey)
* 2004: Far Far Away Idol, Simon J. Smith (video) (voice)
* 2006: Dreamgirls, Bill Condon
* 2007: Norbit, Brian Robbins
* 2007: Shrek the Third (Shrek the third), Chris Miller & Raman Hui (voice)
* 2008: Call me Dave (Meet Dave), Brian Robbins
* 2009: The Flic Beverly Hills 4 (Beverly Hills Cop IV), Brett Ratner


* Eddie Murphy (1982) (sketches)
* Comedian (1983) (sketches)
* How Could it Be (1985) (music)
* So Happy (1987) (music)
* Love's Alright (1992) (music)


* "Boogie In Your Butt / No More Tears" (Columbia, 1982) (sketches / music)
* "Party All The Time" (featuring Rick James) (Columbia, 1985) (music)
* "How Could It Be" (featuring Crystal Blake) (Columbia, 1985) (music)
* "Put Your Mouth on Me" (Columbia, 1989) (music)
* "Til The Money's Gone" (Columbia, 1989) (music)
* "I Was A King" (Motown, 1993) (music)
* "Whatzupwitu" (duet with Michael Jackson) (Motown, 1993) (music)
* "Desdemona" (Motown, 1993) (music)

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Bernie Mac


Bernie Mac
Bernie Mac (* October 5, 1957 as Jeffery Bernard McCullough in Chicago, Illinois; † August 9, 2008 ibid) was an American actor.

He grew up in a big family. In his youth he lost his mother through breast cancer, including two of his brothers are already on his life died. At the age of only 19 years, Mac 1977 for professional comedians.

His film debut was with a small role in Meh 'money (Mo' Money) in 1992. This was followed by several roles in various films, mostly comedies. His breakthrough in the movie business he created in 2001 with his role in the success Strip Ocean's Eleven. Since Mac was regularly in major film productions to see it in Bad Santa, Guess Who, and the Sequels to Ocean's Eleven. He has been married since 1977 and had a daughter. He is Christina Aguileras "Dirrty" by Redman, "Goldyn Child" of Ras Kass and "Main Event" by Reef The Lost Cauze mentioned.

Bernie Mac suffered since 1983 to sarcoidosis. He died on 9 In August 2008 as a result of pneumonia.


* 1992: Meh 'money (Mo' Money)
* 1993: Who's the Man?
* 1994: House Party 3
* 1994: Above the Rim
* 1995: The Walking Dead
* 1995: Friday
* 1996: Hip Hop Hood - In the district, all hell broke loose (Do not Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood)
* 1996: Get on the Bus
* 1997: Booty Call - One Night Stand with obstacles (Booty Call)
* 1997: Beverly Hills Beauties (B * A * S * P)
* 1997: The Playboy case (How to Be a Player)
* 1999: Life (Life)
* 2000: Schlimmer's always! (What's the Worst That Could Happen?)
* 2001: Ocean's Eleven
* 2003: 3 Angel for Charlie - Full Power (Charlie's Angels - Full Throttle)
* 2003: Bad Santa
* 2003: Head of State
* 2004: Mr. 3000
* 2004: Ocean's Twelve
* 2005: Guess Who - My daughter does not get you! (Guess Who)
* 2007: Pride
* 2007: Ocean's Thirteen
* 2007: Transformers

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