The goat Also with the Condom



The goat Also with the Condom
The condom evidently only was not used by humankind to prevent pregnancy. The Maasai breeders in Kenya also used him to control the number of his goat populations in order to stay surviving when the drought struck.

Of course not the normal condom was sold in the medicine shop and the supermarket. His function also was different because this contraception implement really prevented the male goat carrying out penetration to the opponent of his kind.

Basically this implement had the form resembled old contraception that was mentioned olor. This implement was made from the sheet of animal skin or plastic that was enough to close the stomach circle from the neck to the back leg. "That resembled clothes to cook," said Ole Ngosi Kipameto, one of the owners of cattle from the Kajiado district, around 80 kilometre from the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. This sheet was covered to the underside stomach and was tied used the mine rope or the plastic rope.

This method could be considered to be effective. Because, uptil now the breeders must separate the male and female goat. This matter did not only need a long time but also the cost and the power were bigger. "If they were pregnant during the dry condition like at this time, his mother will be exhausted and could not increase his child adequately," said Kipameto. The use olor quite only for 3 months during the hot season. When rain began to arrive in November, this condom was then released. The goat then again was free to be married.