The conduct of police

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The conduct of police
Greek police were investigating the conduct of the element of several police that were ashamed of a suspect by forcing him to be naked in the central road of the Athens city.

Investigation was carried out after a Greek newspaper, Ethnos contained photographs about the incident yabg fell on one of the descendants's Asian men or this the Middle East. The man was forced to date clothes and depth trousers on the way. The newspaper contained this incident as headline was entitled "Guantanamo photographs in the Athens Centre".

As being reported by the BBC, on Monday (20/10), the photographs were received from an organisation of the incessant left wing campaigned defended the immigrant's rights. The organisation spokesperson, Petros Constantinou depicted this incident as the case of extraordinary racism. This incident has mencoreng police's Greek image that was making an effort to wage war on the crime and the violence in the Athens capital.