Lose the Memory

Lose the Memory
The husband and wife's couple from the United States (the USA) Alice and Scott possibly had not supposed if they will experience the unique and very rare incident happened, the wife of amnesia after having sex.

One day in August 2008, Alice and his husband, Scott carried out sexual relations. As usual after being finished, they relaxed with while lying in the bed

However, all of them changed so the misfortune during Scott, asked his surname to be not stated, precisely he found his beloved wife experiencing a kind of disorientation. When Scott lighted television of the olympic games broadcast, inconsistency happened to his wife. "That olympic games?" Ask Alice to his husband.

At that time the name of Michael Phelps was becoming attention. The face of the swimmer was seen everywhere. "Be convinced that olympic games?" Ask Alice again.

Saw had something that was wrong with his wife, of Scott countered his wife's answer by asking, "you knew this what day?" Alice increasingly confusion.

"Who our president?" Ask Scott again. Without the guilt, Alice answered, "Bill Clinton".

Alice's answer made startled Scott. Panic, Scott then hurried to contact 911. The team of the paramedic suspected Alice of being attacked stroke and acted foolishly confusing, the team of the paramedic at once reconciled him to serious space the emergency. Scott was really frustrated at the time.

During the last one decades, the doctors proposed, the case that was connected with the nervous system indeed often attacked the patient on the age 50 years.

The nerves experts explained, the patient indeed still was knowing his identity, but could not be remembering the incident that just took place. Sex was talked about as one of the causes of this medical inconsistency, in medicine was mentioned transient global amnesia (TGA), where the patient lost the capacity to immediately control his memory. The patient who had the story of the migrant and had a headache was susceptible people was attacked by TGA.

Including several people who experienced pain in the head that was connected with orgasm or was mentioned coital headaches. Generally TGA attacked to someone who carried out the tiring activity, as in the case of had sex, played sport too much the spirit, suddenly dipped itself into ice or hot water or experienced the collision in the head.