Come in the funeral ceremony

A man came to his own funeral. It instantly makes surprise the family and mourners who came. Some visitors are surprised to even jump out the window a funeral home, where the ceremony was held.

Ademir Jorge Goncalves, a stone mason in Brazil, has been identified as victims of a car accident on 1 November. Funeral he held at the next day, which is known as Dia de Finados or Day of the Dead. That was the day when the population of Brazil is usually remember their loved ones.

Quoted from Xinhua, Tuesday (10/11/2009), the audience did not realize that there is a corpse identification error. During disappeared, Goncalves spent time drinking in Pinga, a kind of Brazilian rum, in a bar near where the accident occurred. But he was not a victim of the accident.

The man was 59 years old that afterwards accepted the news concerning the death himself, and the funeral will be spread out immediately. Goncalves then decided to be present.

But she's presence to the gravesite, Funeraria Rainha das Colinas, it becomes something horrible.

"It's been 10 years since I run this business, and have never seen anything like this," said Nathanael Honorato, funeral home manager in the state of Parana.

The identity of the dead man was later identified after a family reported her missing.